VIDEO: Dickson not trying to be Upshaw

Xzavier Dickson

Jack linebacker Xzavier Dickson knows what kind of shoes he has to fill, but he's not trying to be Courtney Upshaw. The sophomore, who's gained 10 lbs. since last year, is going to play his own game.

Xzavier Dickson is one of the younger guys standing out this fall camp.

The sophomore linebacker attributes that to his off-season training.

"I think I'm in better condition," he said. "I worked hard in the off-season to get myself in the right condition for practice during camp."

Dickson, who came to Alabama last year around 260 lbs. and said he's moved up to 270, will be following Courtney Upshaw at the Jack linebacker position. But he said he's not going to try to be just like Upshaw.

"I just try to play it the best I can play it," Dickson said. "Just do my job and try to execute."

Senior defensive end Damion Square has noticed Dickson's work ethic during fall camp and has the confidence that he can thrive at Jack.

"He needs to step up," Square said. "A very great guy played the position last year. Xzavier knows the shoes that need to be filled at that position. The position is very important on our defense to make a lot of plays. Xzavier is stepping up and filling that role to the best of his ability. We have confidence in him. He'll get it done."

But Square doesn't expect Dickson to be just like Upshaw.

"I tell them to be their own guy," he said. "You were recruited to be you. Come in and be you and be the best you that you can possibly be and contribute to this team."

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