VU WBB: 2012 Black and Gold Game Field Day

Before the football team took the field for the 2012 Black and Gold Game, young Commodore fans were invited onto the field to participate in Field Day activities with Vanderbilt student athletes. Whitney D. shares these photos of the women's basketball team as they joined in the fun.

"Changing the Culture" has been one of James Franklin's mottos since he took over the reins of the football program last year. One of the manifestations of his efforts is the change in the annual spring game to include not only an intrasquad football game but also activities designed to make the day a fun-filled day for families.

One of the events added to the schedule last year is a pre-game Field Day, hosted by Vanderbilt student-athletes, the cheer squad, and Vanderbilt athletics staff. Once again, the weather cooperated, and once again, the women's basketball team was out in force with the entire 2011-2012 squad participating in Field Day activities.

The players on the team split loosely into two groups. While one group played the classic children's games Duck Duck Goose and Simon Says, the other group played catch with the young fans in attendance. If appearances tell the true story, a good time was had by all.

Duck Duck Goose

Jordan Coleman

Kady Schrann

Jasmine Lister

Gabby Smith

Stephanie Holzer

Gabby Smith leads Simon Says

Stephanie Holzer

Tiffany Clarke and Mr. Commodore

Elan Brown, Clair Watkins, Christina Foggie

Maggie Morrison

Clair Watkins

Christina Foggie

Maggie Morrison

Elan Brown

Clair Watkins

Christina Foggie

L to R: Clair Watkins, Christina Foggie, Kady Schrann, Gabby Smith, Maggie Morrison, Jasmine Lister, Stephanie Holzer, Nadine Ndip, Elan Brown, Jordan Coleman (Click image to view a larger version.)

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Photos copyright 2012 by Whitney D. for

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